The Good Stuff: Anonymous Hamburger Society

Are your cravings for burgers getting... well, out of control? Check out the Anonymous Hamburger Society, one of the smoothest website designs we've seen in a while along with a plethora of delicious recipes for your next burger craving!

Recipes are inspired by cookbooks, places, people and even the greatest chefs in the world: grandmas. These delicious foods range from the vegan to the stuff meatlover's dreams are made of. Fear not though, if burgers aren't your thing this website will still get your mouth watering!


Inspiration Friday: Hum Creative

This shop. Dang!

From their logo subtly waving on their site as you scroll to their breadth of work and projects and presentations I am beyond inspired. One of my favorite projects they have is the Juicebox branding and packaging project. The letterforms in the logotype fit with each other like a hand in a glove. The white space that flows throughout the letter forms is like cheese meets wine. Throwing in the illustrated juice ingredient nods to the business card is a great compliment.

Take a look and decide for yourself but none the less wave back at the H and be inspired today!




Hello world.

Meet Fort Point Beer Co. The beer comes from us from San Fran. A place I have yet to visit but is most definitely on the list. To broaden their reach and bring their beers to the public, the brewer has launched a line of 12 oz cans and a new identity designed by local firm Manual. Let's just sit and appreciate the goodness of this launch. First off, Manual does great work. Beautiful clean work. Strategically driven effective work.

What I love about the Fort Point launch;
line art. color. a tasty chunky serif face.
attention to details on the negative spaces of the building illustrations.
the colorful and amazing color combos on the packaging. 
the contrast and simplicity of the two color packaging on cardboard.

It is with great please Manual that I clap twice and proudly voted Great on the logo and Great on the packaging via Under Consideration.

Keep up the good work and hopefully I will see you guys in San Fran soon.



I have always been amazed by what web designers and coders and developers are able to do via a screen. The way they are able to tell shapes and colors and type to do things with commas and periods and semi-colons is straight up madness.

FWA announced their 2015 Site Of The Year and People's Choice Award Site and they are definitely worth a look. Be sure to have some time to play around with everything they have to offer. You can definitely tell that the creative team that worked on these puppies really had creative freedom. One of my favorite parts of the Because Recollection site is all of the interactive bells and whistles that are simple but amazing.

Take a look and Happy Inspiration Friday!