Worth a Watch: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

It is always a powerful experience to see perfection being achieved, as it happens seemingly never. However in the 2011 documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi chef Jiro Ono, who is considered by most the best sushi maker in the world, shows how he achieves daily perfection. 

This film is a thoughtful meditation on work, family, dedication, and perfection. Its cinematography and videography tells a heart-wrenching story about this unique man and his superb attention to detail. The film is so beautiful and as Jiro's creations are made you're basically guaranteed to start craving this delicious food. 


Worth a Watch: Before the Flood

Nature is our home, and it is quickly disappearing. Take a peek at the new film put out by National Geographic with Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels the world as a firsthand witness to the dramatic effects of Climate Change.

Not only has this piece of art won multiple international awards, but has a fantastically designed website that makes it easy to watch the entire film, take action, and learn more about global climate change. 





Denver hometown boy and the ultimate stoker Bobby Brown has released his own film today entitle "Be Water". Having worked in the industry at Smith and meeting Bobby, I can't be more stoked at this. The videography, the locations, the title cards, and everything about it is super legit. Even Petey getting some camera love for a quick double. 

Do Bobby a favor and take a break, check out his film and get stoked for Old Man Winter to bring this pow this winter. Solid work my dude.



Hello Monday.
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This is definitely worth a watch. A 4 year-old named Sophie. A remote controlled real life Volvo Truck. Enough said.

Volvo Trucks: Look who's driving feat. 4-year-old Sophie (Live Test)

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The Medicine | Story Telling at Its Finest

Self-taught Composer Adam Taylor doesn't believe he is the source of his own musical inspiration. We learned a lot from our time with him at his home in Long Beach about allowing the creative process to be a discovery and healing process. His pain has helped him connect with the idea that the further he steps outside of himself, the more he is able to create honest compositions.


Hear more + license music from Adam Taylor:

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Wood River YMCA 30 spot | This Is Our Y

I had the privilege of teaming up with the Wood River YMCA located in Ketchum, ID to film, edit and direct a 30 spot promoting their amazing Corporate Wellness program. As a participant myself, the YMCA staff really cares and promotes healthy living throughout the wood river valley. A huge thanks to Jason Fry and Kaylan Sisco of the Y and the three participants; Bert Witsil of Sun Valley Company, Susan Mcarthy of Smith Optics and Freddy Sisco of Cox Communications.


Wood River Community YMCA
For Youth Development.®
For Healthy Living.
For Social Responsibility.


MUSIC / "Stories" by Steven Gutheinz
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Audio mastering / Terrence Dove

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