Tyler + Emma Sneak Peak

I had the pleasure of shooting our close friends wedding in Boulder and Longmont last month.

Tyler and Emma are spirited, laid-back and adventurous, and their wedding day reflected that. Family and friends cheered for them as they walked down the aisle and also cheered for the parents and grandparents who raised them both so well.

They celebrated their marriage with a string band, pizza and craft beer at the picturesque Ya Ya Farm and Orchard in Longmont, Colo. as the sun set behind Longs Peak.

It was a lovely celebration for two well loved people!



To launch New Era's revolutionary new line of high-performance headwear and create a new category of sportswear, this proposed campaign took ownership of one of the few white spaces left in the crowded performance category:




The visual identity that was created was based on the epic idea depicted in an athletes headspace during high-pressure moments. We featured three overlapping thoughts:

the task at hand, a distraction and  the athlete him or herself, and we combined them in such a was as to isolate the athlete, highlight the task and push the dissertation in the background.

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Futbol of the Typography

After Plury & Wete, this is Gustavo Veiga Berocan to participate in the excellent initiative “36 Days of Type” with a very successful work on the world of football, especially for the World Cup 2014. This project called Association Ball Cup Typography plays with the country’s values nd essential elements of football to recreate from A to Z and 0 to 9.



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Rustic exterior meets quiet handcrafted Interior

“Casa Varatojo” was designed by architects based in Lisbon. Carved carefully in accordance with its natural environment, the position of the house on the hill rewards its occupants with a breathtaking view of the city. This magnificent creation also has a swimming pool overlooking a breathtaking landscape.



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The Medicine | Story Telling at Its Finest

Self-taught Composer Adam Taylor doesn't believe he is the source of his own musical inspiration. We learned a lot from our time with him at his home in Long Beach about allowing the creative process to be a discovery and healing process. His pain has helped him connect with the idea that the further he steps outside of himself, the more he is able to create honest compositions.


Hear more + license music from Adam Taylor:

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Wood River YMCA 30 spot | This Is Our Y

I had the privilege of teaming up with the Wood River YMCA located in Ketchum, ID to film, edit and direct a 30 spot promoting their amazing Corporate Wellness program. As a participant myself, the YMCA staff really cares and promotes healthy living throughout the wood river valley. A huge thanks to Jason Fry and Kaylan Sisco of the Y and the three participants; Bert Witsil of Sun Valley Company, Susan Mcarthy of Smith Optics and Freddy Sisco of Cox Communications.


Wood River Community YMCA
For Youth Development.®
For Healthy Living.
For Social Responsibility.


MUSIC / "Stories" by Steven Gutheinz
Music licensed from

Audio mastering / Terrence Dove

Featured employers, locations and participants

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