Goodness gracious.
Don't get me started.

Have you ever seen projects that stop you in your tracks? Seen presentations that leave you in amazement straight up drooling at the mouth? Agencies, people, and companies that put out quality projects over and over again...

Well these guys are all that and more. I have watched W&L put out projects such as View From A Blue Moon, Transworld Surf Redesign, Crosby Square and now this beauty of a brand approach, execution and delivery for Upton Belts. Being a big fan of finding inspiration to push yourself in your own craft, design approach and project presentation; do yourself a favor and look through their work. Try not to think of how many people they had working on these projects, the amount of money they probably made and all that nitty gritty jazz. Just focus on the beauty of the goods and put that in your back pocket and go be better.