#FreshFinds Daniel Aristizabal

If you’re looking for somebody to inspire you with pencils, tennis balls and glass eyes then look no further. This week’s #FreshFind is Daniel Aristizabal, a graphic designer and image maker who never fails to impress with stunning pictures and mind bending designs. He is one of those artists who could make you feel inadequate and uncreative just by photographing your junk drawer on a pink background. This being said, just looking at his Instagram page will inspire as his modern aesthetic mixes with bold colors.

I mean dang! This guy knows how to draw you right in and keep you hooked on his art no matter what your personal aesthetic is.


Discovery Day: Mark William Logan

Came across this guy at the 2016 DO Lectures and really wanted to share the beautiful work he has going on. He is a traveler and collector of stunning images and incredible memories. Everything is shot on a 35mm.

Support your local photographers and never stop exploring!


The Good Stuff: The Dogist

It’s never a bad idea to have more dogs in your life. Want to know the secret?

The Dogist.

This crazy good photographer is essentially the Humans of New York for dogs. Each unbelievable photograph is paired with name, breed, age, location and some very hilarious quotes from owners giving a sweet peek into pup’s personalities.

Follow @thedogist or check out to see these fantastic pics!


Worth a Listen: The Moth


Funny, heartbreaking, inspiring this podcast/radio show will smack you in the face every time with its honest true stories from all sorts of wonderful humans. The Moth brings storytelling back into your world in the most artful way.

Recorded live every time, The Moth has many live events so if you dig this stuff check out their website to see if they’re coming to you!



Inspiration Friday: Hum Creative

This shop. Dang!

From their logo subtly waving on their site as you scroll to their breadth of work and projects and presentations I am beyond inspired. One of my favorite projects they have is the Juicebox branding and packaging project. The letterforms in the logotype fit with each other like a hand in a glove. The white space that flows throughout the letter forms is like cheese meets wine. Throwing in the illustrated juice ingredient nods to the business card is a great compliment.

Take a look and decide for yourself but none the less wave back at the H and be inspired today!