#FreshFinds Rob Hodgson

The monsters under your bed have come alive… in graphic design. Some of the freshest new designs are coming from artist Rob Hodgson, UK resident who creates everything from customized pencils to children's books. Hodgson reaches into the inner child and brings it to life with whimsical and new illustrations that rocket one right back in time and make us want to redecorate our bedrooms with monsters, cats, and all sorts of funky things.

One of my favorite projects is his ongoing work with cats. Clearly inspired by the real deal Hodgson manages to capture the spunky and sneaky personalities of these animals though his brilliant designs. We all want to be cat people after seeing his work!

Well worth the follow for @berthodgson he will keep your feeds forever in bright colors and fanciful ideas.

Kudos to this art from across the pond.