Denver hometown boy and the ultimate stoker Bobby Brown has released his own film today entitle "Be Water". Having worked in the industry at Smith and meeting Bobby, I can't be more stoked at this. The videography, the locations, the title cards, and everything about it is super legit. Even Petey getting some camera love for a quick double. 

Do Bobby a favor and take a break, check out his film and get stoked for Old Man Winter to bring this pow this winter. Solid work my dude.



Goodness gracious.
Don't get me started.

Have you ever seen projects that stop you in your tracks? Seen presentations that leave you in amazement straight up drooling at the mouth? Agencies, people, and companies that put out quality projects over and over again...

Well these guys are all that and more. I have watched W&L put out projects such as View From A Blue Moon, Transworld Surf Redesign, Crosby Square and now this beauty of a brand approach, execution and delivery for Upton Belts. Being a big fan of finding inspiration to push yourself in your own craft, design approach and project presentation; do yourself a favor and look through their work. Try not to think of how many people they had working on these projects, the amount of money they probably made and all that nitty gritty jazz. Just focus on the beauty of the goods and put that in your back pocket and go be better.



As a wedding photographer and videographer it is awesome to get featured. You work so hard planning and capturing one of the most memorable, fun and sacred days of your life. You dance and laugh and cry and stand around amazed and humbled at the people surrounding you in support and love. You are constantly reminded of the best day of your life over and over again throughout life. I haven't had a wedding that I was involved in featured in a long time but Mags and I were humbled that Southern Weddings featured our own wedding.

Our wedding was truly the best day ever and the sickest party we have ever been too. Check out the amazing work from our photographer Gracie Blue who absolutely crushed it. And to all the others that made this day possible.

Thanks to all.
And thanks to you Butch!

Miss and love you.



Hello Monday.
Hello 2016.

Let the blogging begin.

This is definitely worth a watch. A 4 year-old named Sophie. A remote controlled real life Volvo Truck. Enough said.

Volvo Trucks: Look who's driving feat. 4-year-old Sophie (Live Test)

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The Medicine | Story Telling at Its Finest

Self-taught Composer Adam Taylor doesn't believe he is the source of his own musical inspiration. We learned a lot from our time with him at his home in Long Beach about allowing the creative process to be a discovery and healing process. His pain has helped him connect with the idea that the further he steps outside of himself, the more he is able to create honest compositions.


Hear more + license music from Adam Taylor:

via The Music Bed


Wood River YMCA 30 spot | This Is Our Y

I had the privilege of teaming up with the Wood River YMCA located in Ketchum, ID to film, edit and direct a 30 spot promoting their amazing Corporate Wellness program. As a participant myself, the YMCA staff really cares and promotes healthy living throughout the wood river valley. A huge thanks to Jason Fry and Kaylan Sisco of the Y and the three participants; Bert Witsil of Sun Valley Company, Susan Mcarthy of Smith Optics and Freddy Sisco of Cox Communications.


Wood River Community YMCA
For Youth Development.®
For Healthy Living.
For Social Responsibility.


MUSIC / "Stories" by Steven Gutheinz
Music licensed from

Audio mastering / Terrence Dove

Featured employers, locations and participants

Sun Valley /
Cox Communication /
Smith Optics /