Tyler + Emma Sneak Peak

I had the pleasure of shooting our close friends wedding in Boulder and Longmont last month.

Tyler and Emma are spirited, laid-back and adventurous, and their wedding day reflected that. Family and friends cheered for them as they walked down the aisle and also cheered for the parents and grandparents who raised them both so well.

They celebrated their marriage with a string band, pizza and craft beer at the picturesque Ya Ya Farm and Orchard in Longmont, Colo. as the sun set behind Longs Peak.

It was a lovely celebration for two well loved people!



As a wedding photographer and videographer it is awesome to get featured. You work so hard planning and capturing one of the most memorable, fun and sacred days of your life. You dance and laugh and cry and stand around amazed and humbled at the people surrounding you in support and love. You are constantly reminded of the best day of your life over and over again throughout life. I haven't had a wedding that I was involved in featured in a long time but Mags and I were humbled that Southern Weddings featured our own wedding.

Our wedding was truly the best day ever and the sickest party we have ever been too. Check out the amazing work from our photographer Gracie Blue who absolutely crushed it. And to all the others that made this day possible.

Thanks to all.
And thanks to you Butch!

Miss and love you.