"Travis uses beautiful photography and thoughtful messaging in creating work that comes alive."

—Jason Fry | CEO


"Travis has been an outstanding asset to our companies projects. We typically work on some quick-turn time frames, and he has always met our deadlines with a great attitude and a high caliber design. We can always count on Travis to be there and to help collaborate professionally on what the final project should look like."

—Justin Kemp | Director of Operations & Special Project


"I worked with Travis in the Smith Optics Ketchum offices, and can absolutely recommend him as a solid graphics pro, but more importantly, as a goal oriented bulldog with mad creative skills. Not many people I've worked with showed the kind of initiative & willingness to put the work in that Travis showed, often working late hours to get deliverables in on time, at the highest level (in a culture where that wasn't always popular!). Fortunately, Travis is also open, kind and honest, so you actually enjoy working with him!"

—Drew Chilson | Head of Product Creation at Smith Optics/Safilo Pacific Design Center

Trizetto provider solutions® a cognizant company

"We were thrilled to find Travis and BARTLETT creative and have been nothing but extremely pleased with the creativity they have brought to our business and company. Travis went beyond our expectations in terms of cost and the timeliness with which he delivered our projects. What we appreciated most about working with Travis was his honest opinion and creative input."

—Heidi Budreau | Director of Marketing and Communications


"Travis is the real deal; he goes above and beyond. He brings a fresh and relevant vision to every project. We have been working with Travis for over two years and we have never been let down."

—Chris Smith | Co-Founder


"Travis’ keen eye and his willingness to get the job done in a timely fashion is a wonderful quality. He is also great with clients—putting them at ease for portraits, and finding interesting locations and angles for their shots."

—Julie Molema | Art Director


"Travis has an eye for design, functionality, and product branding. His revitalization of my website has driven sales and traffic. He had a very organized and precise way of communication and collaborating with me to make sure the final product fit my vision and specifications. The founder of Active Junkie, Kevin McInerney, commented about my site that he wished he had such an aesthetically pleasing and functional website in the early stages of his business. The two fold of Travis being able to capture the desires I had for this project and his own creativity (which always superseded my own), will always make for a finished product that I can be proud to show others." 

—Andrew Cryer | Founder and CEO

East Carolina university

"There are good people, and then there are people who are good at what they do. Travis Bartlett is that rare combination of both. All media and art professionals should take a lesson from his notebook. His communication demeanor is always pleasant and supportive. His knowledge of design and visual production principles is unmatched. His creative drive chases next-level uniqueness, and his final product is always polished and extremely eye-catching.  From photography to design, Travis keeps his sights keenly on his clients' needs, and he delivers beyond expectation without fail. I have to say that I was very satisfied with every project Travis and I worked on at East Carolina, and I am glad to say that I had a chance to work with such a dedicated design authority."

—Terrence Dove | Student Media Adviser